SMART FINGER - PC Based Bio Enrollment Station

Smart Finger is a PC based Biometric Finger Print Enrolment solution to scan & register finger print template along with other personal details. It consists of a USB based Finger Print Reader Module. The Smart Finger  Application facilitates the finger image capture and stores the digitized finger template data in the data base. It can also capture Photo using USB camera & signature using digitizer pad.



O-Zone is a sleek, trendy and rugged ABS molded Attendance & Access Control System designed for corporate offices. The terminal records “IN/OUT” time as well as breaks with a casual show of Contact less Card.

PicoBEN Bio

Attendance System in Small Medium Enterprise has been made affordable and manageable with Finger Print Technology based personal identification. PicoBEN Bio is Stand-alone Terminal which enrolls the user fingers, captures & stores the Attendance Records and provide the interface to computer for Attendance based MIS/Report Generation.

MicroBen Bio

Time & Attendance is made easy & manageable with irrefutable personal Identification using “Touch-n-Go” Biometric Finger Print Technology.There is no need of ID cards, with real time Finger identification in 1:N Mode. MicroBEN_Bio is self contained device with FVC 2004 & FVC 2006 Award Winning Finger Print Sensor to enroll & store the Finger record, Identify users, save event logs and provides interface with Computer for generating MIS Attendance Reports & data required for Payroll Calculation.

Gateway 2000 Tip Smart

Gateway 2000_Tip_Smart is a Time & Attendance System with a Biometric Finger Print Authentication Device , specifically designed to provide irrefutable personal verification . It is a standard , wall - mounted and self contained device with a Finger Print Scanner to enroll and verify users, store their Finger Records , keep transaction logs, and interface with computers.