K J TUMI is a Visitor Management system, created to offer easy-to-use Solutions for all Front Office Reception management needs. KJ TUMI stores all Visitor Information, allowing the user to manage and view events, increasing the control over the people inside the building and knowing who is inside, where and why. KJ TUMI records visit information, controls time and decreases writing errors at reception desk, manages flow of visitor arrival and prompts unauthorized visitor entry by warning at the moment of check-in based on Finger Print verification. 

Applications :

  • Office Receptions > Security Companies
  • Warehouses > Associations / Clubs
  • Financial Institutions > Industry Entrances Control
  • BPO / Call Centres > Tade Show Badges
  • Government Institutions Entrance > Defense / R &D Labs.


Professional Features

Reduce writing errors at reception desk with auto typing aid and automatically place data on record. It may be interfaced to Web Camera for live picture capturing and Finger print device for Biometric image capture and verification.

Badge Printing

Print badges with personalized information or assigns badges to visitors. Use auto print and save time creating you badge at check in moment. Manage badges produced and in use in real time.

Access Control Interface

Issue Access Control Card to visitor after assigning him to visit a defined area in real time. Visitor will only be allowed to use the card where assigned. Upon leaving, the card is returned back to the front desk and all the rights defined for this card is removed (check out). The card can be reissued to a new visitor.

Data Analyze and reports

Print reports and view visitors on the building, resources in use and meetings in real-time. Record all visit contacts for future use and backup them at any time.