SMART FINGER - PC Based Bio Enrollment Station

Smart Finger is a PC based Biometric Finger Print Enrolment solution to scan & register finger print template along with other personal details. It consists of a USB based Finger Print Reader Module. The Smart Finger  Application facilitates the finger image capture and stores the digitized finger template data in the data base. It can also capture Photo using USB camera & signature using digitizer pad. The Finger print template data can be processed and stored on MIFARE smart card using MicroSMART, Contact less Smart Card Reader/writer. This Smart card can be electronically personalized to have the digitized Biometric finger print template data along with Personnel information for “Match-on-card” application.

Features :

*  Personal Information : Create a database of the users with Personnel data or Import the same from customer database
*  Signature & Photo Capture : Snap Photo using USB camera & capture Signature using Digitiser / pointing device
*  Biometric Enrollment : Register upto 2 or more fingers of a user using Biometric Reader & save it with personal data
*  Template Download : Finger Templates can be processed & downloaded to Fortuna Bio-metric Access Control Hardware
*  LAN Infrastructure : Multiple PC's can be used across the network for enrollment & data stored in a central data base
*  Smart ID Card : Electronically personalize the MIFARE Smart Card with  the Finger Template Data
*  ID Card : Print Direct on card or prepare a card label for personalized  ID Card as per customised Layout  
*  Black List : a user  can be black-listed (in the database) for future reference, identification & comparison
*  Data Report : Print the Personnel Data entered for Record purpose with Photo & Finger Template image 
*  Identification : User can be biometrically identified using finger, provided finger is being enrolled earlier
*  Verification : User finger verification can be done, in case problem is reported while using the Biometric system
Re-enrollment : User can be re-enrolled with other finger or same finger in case of any problem in using the system

BioMini : Optical Fingerprint Scanner :

*  Construction : Hard and strong sensor surface
*  Interface : Standard full speed USB 2.0 interface
*  Data space : 256 KB, Plug and play installation
*  Template size : 256 / 384 Bytes
*  Enrollment time : < 1 sec (at Pentinum IV 3GHz)
*  Identification time : 10,000 match per second 
*  Encryption : 256 bit AES
*  Supported platforms : MS Windows XP/2000
*  Resolution : Reliable image quality 500 dpi / 256 gray
*  Sensing area : 16 x 19 mm
*  Operation temperature : 0 ~ 55 Deg. C
*  Dimension (W x L x H) : 40 x 72 x 70 mm

Highlights :

*  Award winning fingerprint recognition algorithm
*  No.1 in FVC 2004 & 2006
*  Industry's fastest 1:1 and 1:N matching speed
*  Multi thread for dual core processor
*  BioAPI standard compliance
*  UID Complied ISO 19794-2 standard Finger Template
*  Database : Microsoft Access or SQL

Applications :

*  Time & Attendance System
*  Physical Access Control System
*  Electronically Personalised ID Card
*  Loyalty & Membership Management
*  HR & Personnel Data Management
*  Campus student Data Management
*  Forensic Data Management 
*  Point of Sale
*  Electronic Admit Card for Examination
*  Desktop or Network Security
*  Visitor Management System

Ordering Informations :

*  Smart Finger Server:Server License with BioMini FP Reader
*  Smart Finger Client : Client License with BioMini FP Reader
*  MicroSMART R/W : Smart Card Reader/Writer
*  Signature Pad : USB based Signature capturing device
*  Camera : USB based Photo capturing device
*  Dye Sublimation Printer : ID Card Printer
*  Ink Jet Printer : 6 Color Ink tank based Label printer
*  Pre-gummed A4 size Sheet : for Label Printing
*  Lamination Machine : for Card printed using Ink Jet Printer
*  Card Label cutter : for ISO size dye cutting of Labels