O-Zone is a sleek, trendy and rugged ABS molded Attendance & Access Control System designed for corporate offices. The terminal records “IN/OUT” time as well as breaks with a casual show of Contact less Card.

It is designed to read MIFARE(ISO 14443 Type A)/iClass(ISO 15693) cards or 125 KHz RF(HID or EM) cards.

O-Zone can be connected to a door lock/turnstile which is opened only on usage of valid Card, deterring proxy punching and barring unwanted visitors. A request-to-Exit Switch or Smart Card Reader for Exit may also be interfaced. It is provided with a suitable termination board for easy of connection & installation.

The data is downloaded in online / offline mode to a PC for Time Office related Reports and data required for payroll.

A Pallette of Features :

  • Shift : Upto 16 shift Times and flexible Individual Shift Allocation to  each employee
  • Holidays : Upto 30 Holiday Dates and 1 weekly-off definable with separate Holiday Card Holder Database
  • Mode of Operation : Individual Mode of operation for Attendance such as ID or ID + PIN (useful for Access control)
  • Legacy : User Definable Block to Read ID number and Name from MIFARE Smart Card with user configurable Key A 
    & Key B
  • Dates : Definable Birthday for wishing Birthday & Validity Date to automatically deny Access after expiry date
  • Employee Masking : Employee can be masked temporarily in case of suspension or loss of card
  • Message Display : Global or Individual message display against card show, User definable Sign-on Message
  • In/Out Mode : Programmable IN/OUT based on time of day and toggle the Mode using keyboard
  • Advanced File Management : User Definable transaction file structure to suit any Legacy Software or dumping 
    data to database tables
  • Scheduler : Auto Scheduler to download data multiple times in a day or online Mode of operation
  • Connectivity : WAN/WiFi/Bluetooth/Ethernet/RS232C/RS485/ZigBee(2.4 Ghz Radio Modem) connectivity 
    option using suitable hardware
  • Extended Hardware : MODEM interface for downloading data using telephone lines with Multi site 
    support, EPABX Support

Hardware Features:

  • CPU: High Speed 16 bit microcontroller with Real time Clock and battery, Watch-dog- timer
  • Reader: Built-in MIFARE Reader (optional 125 KHz RF Reader)and provision for additional external Reader on Wiegand I/F
  • Communication Port: Field configurable RS 232C RS 485 Ethernet or 2.4GHz Radio Modem using suitable hardware
  • Keyboard: Built-in 16 key sealed Membrane keyboard for PIN & Function keys for parameter setting, Smart Card initialization etc.
  • Relay O/P : Potential free contact available as physical Access Control O/P with Lock Feedback and Request-to-Exit Switch I/P
  • Display: 16 Character, 2 line Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) for Displaying Real-time-clock, ID No/Emp. No, Name, Message
  • Audio: Built-in Audio chip and speaker for playing 12 prefixed messages (e.g. Welcome, Happy B'day etc.) an a Buzzer
  • Auxiliary Port: RS 232C port being brought out for interface to Printer, Larger Display Panel, Computer, Reader etc.
  • Card Holder: Upto 3400 Valid Card Holder ID Table with Name, Birthday, Employee ID, Validity Date, PIN, Shift and Mode
  • Event Buffer: Last 20,000 Records being saved as circular buffer in Battery backed- up RAM with Memory Dump feature
  • SMPS: Universal SMPS with 90V-270VAC range and optional UPS with 2 hours battery back-up

Ordering Information

  • O-zone_Smart: Terminal with MIFARE Reader & 232/ RS 485
  • O-zone_Smart (OPT 01):Terminal with MIFARE Reader & Ethernet
  • O-zone Smart-iClass :Terminal with HID iClass RF(13.56 MHz) Reader & RS 232/ RS 485
  • O-zone_Smart-iClass(OPT 01) : Terminal with HID iClass RF(13.56 MHz) Reader & Ethernet
  • O-zone Pro : Terminal with RF Reader & RS 232/ RS 485
  • O-zone_Pro (OPT 01): Terminal with RF Reader & Ethernet
  • O-zone Pro-HID : Terminal with HID RF(125KHz) Reader & RS 232/ RS 485
  • O-zone_Pro-HID(OPT 01): Terminal with HID Prox RF Reader & Ethernet
  • UPS with Battery: UPS with Battery for 2 hour back-up time
  • MicroSMART: Contact less Smart Card Reader (upto 3”)
  • MicroPROX: 125KHz Proximity Card Reader (upto 03")
  • ProxPOINT : HID Proximity Card Reader with Wiegand Interface
  • R50 : HID iClass Card Reader with Wiegand Interface
  • COMCON : RS 232C to RS 485 Converter
  • COMCON TCP/IP: RS 232C to Ethernet converter on TCP/IP
  • COMCON Web Server: Web Server com converter
  • COMCON Wifi: RS232C to Wifi converter
  • COMCON Blue Tooth: RS232C Blue Tooth Converter
  • COMPRO 2000 : Data downloading & Configuration Software
  • ID Card: (a) Proximity Card (b) Contact less Smart Card
  • MIS Time PRO LITE: Time Office MIS Report Generation Software suitable for Office(Single Shift Operation)
  • MIS Time PRO Enterprise: Time Office MIS Report Generation Software Suitable for Factory (Multi shift Operation)
  • eTIME Pro: Web Based Attendance Management Software
  • PayLITE: Payroll Calculation & Generation Software
  • Door Lock: (a) Strike (b) EM Lock (c) Turnstile (d) Drop bolt
  • Cable: (a) Reader (b)Communication (c) Lock (d) ReX
  • Accessories: (8) Exit Switch (b) Door Sensor