Human resource management is the key point of any enterprise for cost saving & also to enhance the efficiency and regulation. The exact requirements for attendance data collection may be as follows :

1. Identification should be hygienic & Contactless with virus around should have no affect on human life
2. Records should be authentic, which means no unauthorized employees attendance records & no buddy punching
3. Identification should be automatic, which enhances the efficiency of data collection 
4. Data collection should be natural, with no chance of loss and forgery
5. Processing of collected data should be fast and convenient, especially required for enterprise with large employee strength
6. Environment friendly for green life.

Facial recognition is the ultimate solution, for meeting all the requirements. X-Facia, is embedded facial recognition system with leading “Dual Sensor” Facial Recognition Algorithm, designed for application like physical Access control, Time attendance & identity management. It is a stand-alone, wall - mounted device with a Face scanner to enroll users, store their Face template record, keep Attendance transaction logs, and interface with computers.


a) Embedded facial recognition system

* Adopts advanced DSP technology, keeps processing and matching right on the device
* Standalone application as Time attendance, Access control, User identification

b) Accurate and Fast Identification

* Industrial leading and Award winning ‘Dual Sensor’ Facial Recognition Algorithm FAR<0.00011%
* 1 : Many upto 1400 users in less than 1 second

c) Large user and Log capacity

* User capacity from 500 to 1400
* Over 150,000 logs and optional snapshot image capacity over 70,000

d) Reliable performance under different environments

* Different source - light Technology
* The system can work in different light condition even in the dark

e) Flexible I/O interface

* Internet protocol enables LAN or Network deployment
* USB Host for User data upload or download via USB flash driver
* Wiegand output makes system compatible with different access control panels

f) User friendly design

*3.5 inch color screen for face positioning
*Contact less authentication for the ultimate in hygienic system
*Voice prompt

g) Other Functionalities

*Multi-authentication methods Facial, RFID Cards, Cards + Facial
*Low power consumption, 12 Watts in operation, less than 5 Watts resting mode


Processor-------------------TI DM CPU 600Mhz
User Capacity--------------500 Users, Upgradable to 1400 Users
Record Capacity-----------150,000 Records
Recognition Algorithm---Dual Sensor TM V3.0
Sensor-----------------------Specialized double sensor
Verification Method-------Card + Face / Face Only
Verification Speed---------Less than 1 Second (500 Users)
Keyboard--------------------4*4 Touch Keypad
LCD--------------------------3.5 inch TFT Color Screen
65000 Bright Color
320*240 Resolution
Communication-------------Standard TCP/IP
Data Transfer----------------USB Host
Power-------------------------12V DC ; Working Current 500mA
Environment Light----------0-5000 Lux
Working Distance-----------30-80 cm
Working Temperature------0 C – 50 C
Working Humidity----------10% - 90% RH
Dimensions-------------------200* 95* 115 mm
Installation Method----------Wall Mounting
Security Image Capacity-----------------------1 GB SD Card, 70,000 Images
Card Recognition--------------------------------EM RF ID(125 Khz) or MIFARE Card
Security Alarm-----------------------------------Temper Alarm : Yes
Access Control Panel O/p-----------------------Standard Wiegand 26/34 bit output
Lock Output---------------------------------------Built-in Relay contact for Lock
Certification--------------------------------------CE FCC Class A, ROHS , ISO 9001:2000


• X- Facia - Embedded Facial Recognition System(500 Users in 1:N Mode)
• X- Facia(OPT 01) - Embedded Facial Recognition System(1400 Users in 1:N Mode)
• Compro X-facia - Configuration & Data Downloading Software
• Time Pro Professional - Time & Attendance Management Software for Office
• Time Pro Enterprise - Time & Attendance Management Software for Factory
• eTime Pro - Web Based Attendance Software for Large Enterprise
• Access Lock - (a) Strike (b) EM Lock (c) Turnstile (d) Drop bolt
• Request-to-Exit Switch - Exit Push Switch for Exit
• Cable - (a) CAT 6 (b) Lock Cable (c)Reader Cable
• ID Cards - (a)Proximity Card (b) MIFARE Smart Card