MicroBen Bio

Time & Attendance is made easy & manageable with irrefutable personal Identification using “Touch-n-Go” Biometric Finger Print Technology.There is no need of ID cards, with real time Finger identification in 1:N Mode. MicroBEN_Bio is self contained device with FVC 2004 & FVC 2006 Award Winning Finger Print Sensor to enroll & store the Finger record, Identify users, save event logs and provides interface with Computer for generating MIS Attendance Reports & data required for Payroll Calculation.

A HID Proximity/iClass or MIFARE Smart Card/ EM Proximity Reader may be integrated inside. The Finger Print template can be stored on iClass / MIFARE Card.

MicroBEN_Bio provides superior speed & most importantly eliminates Buddy/Proxy
Punching. The Finger Parking angle & guide is perfectly engineered to ensure impeccable finger scanning.

Only authorized personnel are allowed access to the protected area or to Clock
IN/OUT. With Finger Print Module, Key Pad & a RF based Reader (optional), it gives the operator a choice of access modes in any combination of Fingerprint, Card & PIN entries.

● Finger Print enrollment using MicroBEN_Bio is done once in the built-in memory.
● User places their enrolled finger on the finger sensor for clocking IN/OUT.
● The MicroBEN compares live finger with the finger stored in built-in memory and then stores Attendance data only upon “MATCH”.
● LCD displays Employee Name and “Granted” message upon authentication (with Date & Time).
● Optional : The Proximity Card is shown on the reader. If the card is Valid, user is prompted to put the finger on fingerprint reader.
● User friendly Reports can be generated by TimePro Software , a high end Attendance Analysis software (optional).

Networking of MicroBEN’s can be accomplished via the RS232C/RS485 or Ethernet (LAN/WAN/WiFi) or dial up modem communication (using suitable External hardware). The attendance data can be pushed from anywherein the world,in online mode using Broad Band to a Server. GPRS may also be used as medium for data communication.

Technical Data

Finger ID Sensor Specification
CPU : 400MHz DSP CPU with 6000 Finger data storage (upgradable)
Enrolment Time : 2 second for finger capture
Identification Time (1:N): <1 Sec. (Typical) for 1000 Fingers
Allowable Finger Rotation: +/- 90 Degree
Allowable Finger Displacement: +/- 5mm
Sensor: Optical (16mm X 19mm), Scratchproof
Image Size : 280 x 320 Pixel, 500 DPI
Finger Template Size : 256 Bytes
Minutiae-only Template Extraction Algorithm with EER: <0.1%
Technical Specification

Memory : 52,500 Transaction Storage
Battery Back-up : Retention of Clock & Data upto 10 Years
Communication : RS232C or RS485 (Optional Ethernet / WiFi), Broad Band,GPRS
Card Reader Input : Optional Contact less RF Proximity Reader HID Prox/iClass/MIFARE/EM
Out Reader Interface : Card Reader of any type mentioned above may be interfaced
Keyboard : 4x4 Membrane Keyboard
Printer Interface : Serial Strip Printer
Display : 16x2 Backlit LCD(White in Blue)
Access Control : Dry/Wet (12V) Contact O/P & ReX (Request-to-Exit)& DOTL input
Environmental Specification

Power: Wide Range SMPS Adapter (110-260V@50Hz +/-5Hz)
Dimension : 146 (H) X 154 (W) X 45 (D)mm
Enclosure : Dust Resistant ABS enclosure
Operating Temperature : 0-55 Degree C
Ordering Information

MicroBEN Bio : Finger Print Terminal(1:N) with RS 232C / RS 485 & Power Adaptor
MicroBEN Bio_Smart : Terminal with MIFARE Smart Card RF(13.56 MHz) Reader, RS 232C / RS 485 I/F & Power Adaptor
MicroBEN Bio_iClass : Terminal with HID iClass RF(13.56 MHz) Reader, RS 232C / RS 485 I/F & Power Adaptor
MicroBEN Bio_Pro : Terminal with EM compatible RF(125KHz) Reader, RS 232C / RS 485 I/F & Power Adaptor
MicroBEN Bio_HID : Terminal with HID Prox Reader, RS 232C / RS 485 I/F & Power Adaptor
In-Circuit TCP/IP : Built-in Ethernet Interface for MicroBEN Bio
MicroPROX/Prox Point/MicroSMART : Out Reader option
COMCON : RS 232C to RS 485 Converter
COMCON GPRS : GPRS based Interface converter
COMPRO 2000 : Data downloading & Configuration Software
IP Server : Online Data transfer & Monitoring server /service
Smart Finger : Finger Print Enrollment Station
MIS Time Pro : Windows based Time Office Software
eTIME Pro: Web Based Attendance Management Software
ID Card: (a) Proximity Card (b) Contact less Smart Card
Door Lock: (a) Strike (b) EM Lock (c) Turnstile (d) Drop bolt
Accessories: (a) Exit Switch (b) Lock/Reader Cable(c)Comm. Cable