EzeeHR -SaaS based Attendance-on-cloud

What is it?

 A DIY Biometric Attendance Terminal deployed at a Enterprise, communicates to Server in Push Data Mode using
 Online Employee configuration, & Terminal based Enrollment with templates backed-up in Server also. 
 Web based Attendance system with separate database, User log-in to view & manage the Attendance online
Anywhere, Anytime…

Advantages : 

 No Capital Cost, No Maintenance cost, No worry about Computer failure or Virus attack, No Trained Man power 
 Data Security, Integrity & confidentiality as data pushed in encrypted mode, No data loss or data threats.
 View online as your employee checks-in & checks-out in Chat Window on your laptop
 Accessible to all using Employee Self Service for viewing, Leave, Tour application may be done by employee 
with approval process.
 Works with all operating system & devices such as Smart Phone, Tablet, MS Office integration
 State-of-art Attendance Hardware from Fortuna with best Finger Print sensor, Different Models available, 
 GPRS supported for remote sites at low operating cost, ideal for remote sites with no other connectivity, 
anywhere in the world
 Highly Scalable, continual upgrades, plugabble to ERP / HR / Payroll application with LDAP connectivity
 Minimal onsite efforts (Only fitting the machine), Software and 24x7 support is managed by centralized support 

Features / Modules :

Online Attendance Device:

1. Attendance Capturing Device, PicoBEN Bio, enabled with “Purple Moor” built-in service, is sitting on your existing LAN having Broad Band. The network Setting e.g. IP Address, Gateway & Subnet is configured, as per your setup. 
2. It automatically gets connected to the Pre-configured Server & shows online on the LCD screen within a minute, if all the setting is perfectly done & Internet is available. It is ready to use.

Master Module:

1. Create your existing Company Tree Structure once. Employee Master may be synchronized from Outlook Contact List, with admin confirmation to the required Business Unit.
2. It may be fed-in in the Form, available in the Portal or may be provided in Micro Soft XLS format for Importing.
3. Define the Working Policy, e.g. Shift Time, Holiday, Weekly-off etc. for the Business Unit.

Online Enrollment Module :

1. Enroll/Delete Employees using the Biometric machine from the Portal in online / offline Mode upon authorization.
2. Interactive User Interface for Enrollment using Mobile Devices 
3. Upload all the enrolled Templates to Server automatically, for back-up

Online Attendance Module:

1. Employee punches the enrolled Finger on the device to see his Name on LCD for confirmation.
2. The data is automatically Pushed to Server & posted online. It can be viewed immediately without any processing needs.

Mobile Based Attendance:

1. Employees may give Attendance from the field using SMS, if reporting on the field directly with authorization 
for Attendance Posting.
2. Attendance may also be given from Android Mobile App from which the GPS Location/Tower Information may also captured as additional information for authorization.

Track your Field Employees:

1. Track your field Employee using Smart Phone app in the Portal.
2. Field Employees can post notifications using Smart Phone App while on the field.

Leave Module:

1. Define Leave Policy, e.g.Type, Definition (such as Maximum No of Leaves) & approval Process applicable in your Company. Update the Leave Balances, when the system is kicked-off.
2. Users may apply for their own Leaves & will be available to the next Level for approval with a Email Alert. Upon processing the same, the Email notification is generated to the Employee.

Reporting Module:

1. Dash Board view 
2. It can also be viewed in Chat window on Laptop, while working on any application, as the Employee Checks-in & out. It can be viewed in the MS Outlook using EzeeHR Plug-in.
3. Reports may be viewed using Mobile Device, such as Smart Phones, Tablets etc.. 
4. Traditional Reports for Attendance Muster, working Time etc are available, with Basic Data required for Pay roll purpose.

Upgrade & Scalability:

1. Free Upgrade for the Service period is available for no Extra cost without any download process.
2. Scale-up as your organization grows horizontally & Vertically, with Pay per use Model.