PicoBEN Bio

Attendance System in Small Medium Enterprise has been made affordable and manageable with Finger Print Technology based personal identification. PicoBEN Bio is Stand-alone Terminal which enrolls the user fingers, captures & stores the Attendance Records and provide the interface to computer for Attendance based MIS/Report Generation.

MicroBen Bio

Time & Attendance is made easy & manageable with irrefutable personal Identification using “Touch-n-Go” Biometric Finger Print Technology.There is no need of ID cards, with real time Finger identification in 1:N Mode. MicroBEN_Bio is self contained device with FVC 2004 & FVC 2006 Award Winning Finger Print Sensor to enroll & store the Finger record, Identify users, save event logs and provides interface with Computer for generating MIS Attendance Reports & data required for Payroll Calculation.

Gateway 2000 Tip Smart

Gateway 2000_Tip_Smart is a Time & Attendance System with a Biometric Finger Print Authentication Device , specifically designed to provide irrefutable personal verification . It is a standard , wall - mounted and self contained device with a Finger Print Scanner to enroll and verify users, store their Finger Records , keep transaction logs, and interface with computers.